Collaborative learning in a post-COVID world

So, what’s the point of the rant?

Taking a pragmatic approach

Let’s be realistic

I’m confused but vaguely intrigued, how do I find out more?

  1. People looking for entry-level jobs, yet still undecided about a specific direction
  2. People looking for a career change, yet unsure whether you have the right set of skills for your next challenge
  3. People who want to skill up and develop a close relationship with an expert to learn from
  4. People who wish to share knowledge, teach or simply tell stories (you don’t need to be a formal educator, we will help you determine the right level to teach through our use of data)
  5. Diverse workplaces, or employers curious about new ways of exposing themselves to fresh talent, with new perspectives and backgrounds
  6. People who have enjoyed using and learning through Clubhouse, but think there should be a space for more in-depth, actionable learning
  7. Undecided, but curious nonetheless



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Fernando Leon

Fernando Leon


The human side of tech. I ask the “why’s?”, “how’s?”, “who’s” and “when’s?” when others think just tech. Talk to me about travel, dogs or ecosystem innovation.